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Optimize Student Outcomes & Save Time and Resources with Ed-Intelligence

Ed-Intelligence is a cutting-edge, student information management system that unifies all school data onto a single platform. This enables administrators, principals and teachers to generate real-time interactive reports and insights, driving more effective decision making and improving educational outcomes.

Data warehouse, reporting, and analytics all in one place.

Administer and analyze all students data from one Cloud-based portal

Simplified access to student information

Identify the source of any issue in just a few clicks.

One platform to Manage your students Data

Ed-Intelligence creates reports on accountability and equity that are tailored to your state, county, or authorizer. Each report has a three-click drill down tool that allows you to see a list of all pupils who are most responsible for your accountability score or rating.

Access 360-degree information on a student in one place with our simple click and drill feature to easily track student development, print overview reports and share information with parents.

This system will send out automatic alerts for any absence.

Schools spend a lot of taxpayer dollars on data analysts, consultants, and/or data warehouses to extract and manage data from multiple sources and gain a comprehensive perspective. Ed-Intelligence employs its own built-in data warehouse engine, automatically extracting and modifying data into one system to considerably lower this costs for schools.


Ed-Intelligence Education - Accessible For Everyone

Safely access your school and student data from anywhere in the world with our cloud-based solution. Our built-in fraud detection algorithm will instantly send you an alert whenever login activity appears suspicious, keeping your data as secure as possible.

We help you...

Improve your decision-making to improve student results.

Ed-Intelligence centralizes all school data on a single platform, allowing educators to examine the relationship between several student characteristics and make more informed decisions.

Save time and money with streamlined data management.

Streamlined data administration and reporting will save you time and money. Schools can save 25% of their information management budget by eliminating the need for extra software by using a built-in data warehouse function that can hold all of a school's student information. Save time by using a single system for all of your data requirements. No more switching between multiple spreadsheets. We'll take care of the data so you can focus on your students.

Generate on-demand reports.

Because Ed-Intelligence centralizes all school data on a single live platform, school administrators can generate reports with a single click, allowing them to take rapid and informed action that benefits students and the school's overall health.

Customize according to your unique needs.

Every school is unique. Create a student information management system with us that matches your specific requirements.

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Ed-Intelligence Pricing

Ed-Intelligence offer various pricing options to best satisfy your needs.

Appropriate for small LEAs with small student population
$6 / per student
    • Student enrollment withdrawal
    • Attendance entry and reporting
    • Student feedback management
    • Basic student reporting
    • PMF and Equity reports but no drill down
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Appropriate for small LEAs with small student population
$10 / per student
    • All from Basic plus
    • All reporting with drill down capability
    • Rules-based alerts
    • Import/export
    • Lesson plan sharing and collaboration
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