We handle the data so you can focus on your students

Finally, Student Information Management System that does just about everything

“You signed up to be an educator. Leave the data to us so you can focus on inspiring the next generation.”
– Ed-Intelligence Team
  • Designed to help you spend less time with data and more time with students

  • Simple collaboration between teachers, directors, parents, and students

  • Simple portal for quick access and editing of student records

  • Streamlined lesson plan management

  • The ONLY student information system designed to generate PMF reports automatically

  • Easily make sure you’re not losing PMF points unnecessarily

  • Streamlined data management to save time and money

  • Easy to use student, parent, teacher and principal portals (And more can be added)

  • Stop paying for multiple vendors and tools to analyze and format schools data

  • Get PMF report cards and data validation faster, easier, and cheaper

  • Save schools and taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars!

  • Invest more money back into education

Ready to see how Ed-Intelligence can streamline everything from your attendance logging to PMF reports?

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Automatically Generate PMF Reports

  • Ed-Intelligence is the ONLY student information system designed to generate PMF reports automatically.

  • You just enter data via easy-to-use forms available in the system.

  • Schools can even get a sense of their preliminary score long before PCSB sends out embargoed reports.

Flexible and Scalable to Work the Way You Want

  • Most student information software has features you never use and is missing one or two that’ll truly make your life easier.

  • That’s why we designed Ed-Intelligence to contain everything you need in one place.

  • Even if you need something extra, we can customize it to be the perfect fit for your school.

Have More to Invest in Our Children’s Education

  • State Education Agencies invest in teams of data analysts to compile, validate, and format schools’ data.

  • Why not use Ed-Intelligence to automatically generate these reports, save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, and invest valuable funds back into education programs for our children?

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Who We Are

The Ed-Intelligence team is not your normal group of data analysts and software geeks. We actually have first-hand knowledge of the challenges you face.

Hi, I’m Ashok Oli, CEO of Ed-Intelligence.

From 2010 through 2013 I led data management and validation tasks for DC Public Charter Schools. I personally worked with AIR, CREDO, OSSE, the Deputy Mayor of Education and I helped bring PMF to life. During that time I saw first-hand how schools struggle.

Each year it seems like you spend more time and money entering data, sending reports, remembering passwords and less time with core school activities.

That’s why I created Ed-Intelligence. It solves these current issues and streamlines your work on one single platform. I genuinely believe it will improve the entire education experience from the big government agencies right down to the kindergarten student on their first day of school.

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