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    Ed-Intelligence houses all school data on a single platform so that educators can analyze the relationship between several different student variables to inform stronger decisions. We owe it to students to look beyond simple test score data and analyze all factors that influence achievement.

    Save time and money with streamlined data management

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    Save time and money with streamlined data management and reporting. With a built-in data warehouse feature that can hold all of a school’s student information, schools can save 25% of their information management budget by eliminating the need for other software. Save time with one system for all of your data needs. No more toggling between several different spreadsheets. We handle the data so you can focus on your students.

    Generate on-demand reports.

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    Since Ed-Intelligence houses all school data on one live platform, school leaders can generate reports at the click of the button, empowering them to take immediate and informed action that benefits students and the overall health of the school.

    Customize according to your unique needs.

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    Every school is different. Design with us the student information management system that meets your unique needs.

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