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Smart education software for fast & efficient public school reporting

Finally, a school information management system that addresses reporting and compliance needs.

Help Schools Save Money
  • Schools save money by reducing the need for data warehouses, analysts, and additional software
  • Automatically compiles reports as schools log data
  • Schools can track just about anything from one, easy to use platform
  • Helps schools make sure they aren’t losing PMF points unnecessarily
Spend Less & Get More
  • Performance reports automatically populate without needing any extra software
  • Potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to Ed-Intelligence’s automatic report formatting and data validation
  • Manage school reports through one single platform

We want to help the entire public school system – from school boards to education agencies – be able to invest more back into our children's education

Streamlined Reporting = More Money for Education
Education agencies like yours are responsible for making sure taxpayers’ money is spent wisely in public schools. To help with that, you require schools to comply with a set of performance standards.
Take for example agencies who work with DC area charter schools. These charter schools have to submit performance reports to the DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB) and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).
Despite needing similar information to monitor a school’s progress, each of these agencies uses different systems for collecting data and measuring performance. To do this the PCSB uses the Performance Management Framework (PMF) or School Quality Reports (SQR). The OSSE uses the Standardized Test and Result (STAR).
That puts a burden on schools by requiring them to spend time and resources compiling and formatting their data according to each organization’s requirements.
Then, each agency needs to validate and manage that data, which in turn costs taxpayers more money. The PCSB spends over $300,000 every year to validate and manage the PMF reports. The OSSE spends over $2,000,000 for the software licenses and management of their different reports.
But imagine if we could streamline this whole process by eliminating several of these steps. Imagine if accurate performance data flowed freely between schools and education agencies. Imagine your agency being able to generate performance reports with the click of a button.
How much money would that save you, the schools you work with, and local taxpayers? How would you invest that money back into your local education system?
The Solution is Ed-Intelligence
Ed-Intelligence was developed by a team with years of experience working with public charter schools and government education agencies. This has given us a unique perspective that’s enabled us to develop a revolutionary software that truly satisfies the needs of everyone – from the school teacher right up to the education agencies.
If your agency and the schools you oversee switched to Ed-Intelligence, most of those previously mentioned steps could be combined and handled by one enterprise system.
Schools would only need to use one school management software because Ed-Intelligence tracks everything from attendance to lesson plans to individual student performance. That would immediately reduce their software and data management costs.
Then, when it comes time to submit performance reports, Ed-Intelligence works for both the schools and agencies to automatically compile, format, and validate performance data.
On the education agency side, the reports would automatically be populated each year, thus reducing the amount you spend on data warehouses, analysts, and software licenses.
We’re sure you already have contracts with other vendors. But with the ability to get faster reporting while potentially saving you and your schools millions of dollars each year, we’re sure you agree that Ed-Intelligence is the best solution for the long-term success of our public education system.
So why not schedule a FREE, no-obligation call today? We want to show you how Ed-Intelligence plans to revolutionize the public education experience.

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