E D - I N T E L L I G E N C E

Smart school software that lets you focus on teaching

Finally, school information software designed to make your teaching easier and more effective.

Streamlined Class Management
  • Spend less time with data and more time with your students by being able to access all your student information in one place
  • Smart calendar to help prevent recording errors
  • One simple portal designed to make it easier for teachers to access student records
  • Move students to different classes while keeping track of their progress
Improved Teaching Experience
  • Easy to create, share, and grade lesson plans
  • Ed-Intelligence promotes improved collaboration between teachers, directors, parents, and students
  • Instead of accessing multiple software portals, you only need to learn how to use one – Ed-Intelligence
  • Access and collaborate on shared lesson plans with Ed-Intelligence’s unique platform

You signed up to be an educator, not a data entry clerk. We manage your educational data so you can use it to be a better teacher.

We Empower Teachers
As a teacher, you have to wear a lot of hats. You’re a counselor, an event planner, a janitor, a therapist, a mentor, and an entertainer all rolled into one. Basically, you’re a superhero – minus the cape.
Wearing all those hats can be exhausting, especially with all the reporting demands schools face nowadays. As a teacher, you have to log and track enormous amounts of data from attendance records to student progress reports to lesson plans and more. This gets especially tedious when your school uses multiple software programs for each of these things – one for attendance, another for assessment management, and so on.
Recording, tracking, and accessing all of this information can take up a good chunk of your day as a teacher – time that could be better spent on core educational activities.
So wouldn’t it be great if there were a better way to handle all of this information? Now there is. It’s called Ed-Intelligence. It was developed by a team with years of experience working with public schools, public charter schools, and government education agencies.
This has given us a unique perspective that’s enabled us to develop a revolutionary software that truly satisfies the needs of everyone – from the school teacher right up to the education agencies.
Finally, you can track your lesson plans, student attendance and progress reports all from one place. No need to memorize multiple logins and passwords. And forget about constantly having to learn how to use new programs.
Ed-Intelligence Gives Schools the Ability to Invest More In Teachers and their Classrooms
You and your students can be some of the ones most affected by school budget cuts. Larger class sizes, fewer teaching materials, and less access to technology can make it harder for you to inspire your students.
As an enterprise software solution that covers all your school’s bases, Ed-Intelligence could potentially save your school hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Imagine how that could be invested back into a better education experience for our children.
So why not give us a FREE call to learn more and encourage your school directors to do the same? In fact, we are so sure that Ed-Intelligence is the best choice for you and your school that if it doesn’t save your school time and money, we’ll give you your money back!

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