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“Frustrated with the amount of resources your school spends on data and reporting? Make the switch to Ed-Intelligence. If it doesn’t save your school time and money, we’ll give you your money back.”

– Ed-Intelligence Team

Streamlined School

  • Ed-Intelligence lets you track things from attendance to lesson plans, all from a single program
  • Streamlined data management and reporting means your school could save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year
  • Customizable to fit your school’s exact needs
  • Spending less time and money on data means you can invest more in your students

Easy Performance Reporting

  • Ed-Intelligence is the ONLY school management software that’s designed to generate PMF reports with the click of a button!
  • Software automatically checks to make sure you’re not losing any PMF points unnecessarily
  • DC Public Charter Schools have the ability to view their updated PMF score so there are no surprises when it’s reporting time.

Ready to see how Ed-Intelligence can streamline everything from your attendance logging to PMF reports?

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Efficient Schools = Fewer Headaches

Imagine your school one year from now. Imagine if it were easier to run, more efficient, and with fewer budget restrictions. Is it really possible?

The contrary seems always to happen. Each year, schools face a host of new reporting requirements, the need for more expensive tracking software, and teams of people to manage it all. This costs money – money, a lot of schools don’t have.

What if there was an enterprise software solution that did more, cost less, and required fewer people to manage? That would give your school more resources to invest back into core educational activities.

Ed-Intelligence is that solution. It was developed by a team with years of experience working with public schools, public charter schools, and government education agencies. This has given us a unique perspective that’s enabled us to develop a revolutionary software that truly satisfies the needs of everyone – from the school teacher right up to the education agencies.


How Does Ed-Intelligence Achieve This?

We eliminate the inefficiencies.

Does your school pay for several different school information programs – one for attendance, one for lesson plans, and another for performance tracking? Then you probably need a data analyst to combine and translate all of this into a usable format for both the school itself and the education agencies you report to.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do all of this with the click of a button? With Ed-Intelligence, you finally can.

  • Curriculum building – Yes
  • PMF Reports – Automatically generated with the click of a button.
  • Student profile management – Track everything from one place.
  • Student, parent, teacher, and principal portals – It’s got them, and more can be added
  • Fraud monitoring – Ed-Intelligence helps protect your school’s information
  • Report cards – Print them from pre-designed templates
  • And much more!

Since there’s so much Ed-Intelligence can do, we’d love to personally explain it to you. So take a moment and schedule a free, no-obligation call, so we can show you how Ed-Intelligence can revolutionize your public education experience.

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